Monday, 4 April 2016

A Wedding Story

I often complete my layouts before I even know what pictures I'm going to use - the event may not have even taken place.  I know a lot of scrappers meticulously choose their paper to match their photos, perhaps even purchasing paper to match certain pieces of clothing.  I'm asked how can you make a layout when you don't know what photos you're going to use.

I guess I'm a read from the back of the book kinda scrapper.  LaVieEnRose was a tough paper package for me to work with.  I couldn't get my mojo going on this one at all.  Thank goodness for another very talented consultant, Chris Robertson, who had designed a beautiful workshop.

Turns out, it was perfect for my niece's black & white wedding which had taken place before this paper package was available!!!

Although the wedding colours were black & white, there was a myriad of colours in my photos.

Don't worry about cutting your photos to the size you want if they are too large for the photo mat.  Especially at a wedding, there will be bits and pieces that are in the way of your main subject.
 I love candid photos - they capture the memory of the day.  The great grins, giggles and stories we share come alive again.
This beautiful bride was our flower girl 20 years ago.  She shared her wedding day with the anniversary of her parents' wedding day, which was especially poignant having lost her dad when she was only 4 years old.

More silliness especially when family gets together.

You might just as well say "cheese"!!!!

It is not very often the boys will actually grant me a nice picture.  It is often silly faces, or gestures but sometimes they co-operate.

...or not



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