Sunday, 21 February 2016

Charlotte My Way

In a previous post I shared the Charlotte Workshop Your Way completed pages without photos.  I often post layouts without photos because I want you to imagine your photos on those layouts.  In fact, that is often how I work - - do the layouts - - then add photos which is in contrast to how many other scrapbookers work.  I may add additional embellishments or (carefully) move things around when adding my photos, journal and done.

Case in point is Charlotte:
I used Charlotte Workshops Your Way to scrapbook my nephew's wedding.  The soft colours of this paper package were perfect to highlight the photos without overpowering them.
Great family photos are perfect for the "Lovely Day" which was the exact sentiment of the moment.  I did change the layout moving the PML card, and changing to a 4" X 6" photo mat.
With a large family, there are often a number of "takes" to get an almost perfect photo.  Flip flaps add extra spaces for additional photos without cluttering the layout.  It also adds the perfect spot to journal the great story behind these photos.
I have no problem sizing my photos to fit the layout - aka cut them up!!!
When family gets together don't worry about getting the perfect photo - capture those candid, fun, goofy pictures and treasure the memories!!!

I love how the Workshop Your Way gives me the tools to complete layouts quickly for large events where I have a lot of pictures.   Now to finish up, I'll pull out my How-To books and the "professional" wedding photos and get scrapping.


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