Sunday, 17 November 2013

As a consultant for Close to My Heart, one of the questions routinely asked of me is, "Why did I become a consultant?"

It's a question I ask others when they inquire about CTMH.  Why do you scrapbook?  Why do you want to become a consultant?  What do you expect of  yourself & of CTMH? 

This is a beautiful card created by my downline, Muriel, for a bridal shower she is attending.  It is stunning in the detail of the bride's dress, the blingy necklace, and beautiful umbrella.  She is so talented and I am such a fan of her work.   

Muriel began as a customer finding me online.  She lives not far from me, and her previous consultant had retired.  We met, and she introduced me to a few other ladies, began attending my classes, and then she became a downline. 

More than being a customer, or downline, all perks of being a CTMH consultant, Muriel has become my friend.  I truly love this woman for all she is, and has become to me. 

As much as you might plan what you're going to do at a crop, there is always something you want to see, touch, or learn that someone else might be doing.

I was thrilled when the student became the teacher.  Muriel was teaching Lydia how to make decorative boxes and the ins and outs of cutters.   She also taught many how to make bows using the fork technique.

My "why" is simple.  I treasure the very special friendships that I have made which were only made possible as a consultant with CTMH, the smiles and laughter, the sharing of stories, the caring hugs and greetings always exchanged and the opportunity to look forward to doing it all again in the New Year.

To all my ladies at CRCC a very special thank-you for all the memories of 2013 and the biggest of hugs to each and every one of you.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2014. 





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