Thursday, 18 April 2013

Female Humour

Female humour - what is it?    My girlfriends and I will absolutely crack up about something, belly laughing, tears rolling down our faces, sides sore from laughing, and the guys.....they stare at us, they just don't get what's so funny.  That's "female humour" - something only we get.

One of the ladies I work with is having surgery involving her "girls".  I have had this card template in my inspiration binder for a long time.  I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity and person to make this card for.
Introducing Female Humour - -

 What do you think?  It absolutely cracks me up.  The template makes the card, but I added some bling and lace to fancy up her bra.  I distressed the edges lightly with bamboo ink to soften the whiteness of the card base.    

The inside- tee hee hee - is the "butt" of the card.
The sentiment reads  "Behind you 100%"

I was giggling away as I made the card, showed my hubby and got a smirk - not even a full grin - not a guffaw.  Nope, he doesn't get it.  My theory of "Female Humour" is confirmed.

I was thrilled with the card and I know the recipient will be as well.

I hope you enjoy!!


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